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Free Women's Community Workshops

Every year S.A.F.E Self Defence & Close Quarters Combat run their free Women's Street Smart workshops for communities throughout New Zealand. These workshops can span over a two day period and covers a large, comprehensive syllabus. The workshops are fun, informative but most of all it's hands on working with techniques that are easy to learn, easy to apply and easy to remember.

Women's Street Smart Self Defence & CQC class

Instructor Charlie Riley's goal when he started S.A.F.E, was to make self defence more readily available to women by providing free regular weekly classes throughout Auckland. The comprehensive syllabus taught at the Women's Street Smart weekend workshops is only a small part of the techniques Charlie teaches. These weekly classes will allow the participants to learn and practise more and includes modules on awareness, avoidance & de-escalation, rape prevention, ground fighting, knife defence and a whole lot more, with scenario drills playing a big part of the training.

The first of the free "Women's Street Smart" classes started in Maraetai back in August 2015, in February 2017, the second free class started in Auckland, running out of the Combat Krav Maga Gym in Grafton. Depending where the classes are held there may be limited places (due to venue size) and the classes are open to females aged 14 and upwards.

"All you need is a positive attitude and a willingness to learn" says Charlie.
The class at times can be physically and mentally challenging but as with anything the more you practise and learn the better you'll become and the more self protection will become second nature. 

Please Note: Don't think that because the Women's Street Smart workshops and classes are free they are going to be watered down or a waste of time attending...when it comes to self defence and personal safety the lead instructor and owner Charlie Riley does not do things in half measures. The Women's Street Smart workshops are probably one of the best, practical, comprehensive and informative self defence workshops for women in New Zealand. Workshops offering only a small amount of what's taught can cost you hundreds of dollars per person elsewhere.

Corporate Workshops

The workshops are designed to suit your businesses needs, the starter workshop runs for four hours minimum and we've had courses run for a couple of hours each week over an eight week period. We will tailor suit the workshops depending on your time frame and requirements. The workshops can be run from your business place or from a selected gym/hall of our choice. These types of workshops are excellent for building up team moral or as a team building programme, it's also a vital life skill especially for those who have staff in hospitality, taxi/chauffeuring, security, nursing, reality, aviation, sales, nannying or aupairs.

The following are just some of the non-profit, corporates, schools and colleges where S.A.F.E Self Defence & Close Quarters Combat have taught: Reebok | ATWC Family Start Auckland | Corporate Academy Group | Christchurch Residential Care | Emerge Aotearoa | Family Start Manukau | Girl Guides Auckland | Scouts Association of New Zealand | Greenbay High School | Hospice West Auckland | Life 101 | Lululemon Athletica | Mangere Budgeting Services | Kaplan International English School | Mount Albert Grammar School | St Cuthbert's College | Epsom Girls Grammar | Next Generation Gym | Sovereign Security | Te Wananga O Aotearoa | Te Whare Marama O Mangere | University of Auckland | Massey University | AUT | YMCA Auckland | Rainbow Youth |  NZ Young Mariners and St Addai Youth just to name a few.

One-On-One/Private Workshops

These workshops are designed to suit those who prefer to be trained in private, ideal for those who are in the Acting/TV/Movie industry, business people, police recruits, NZDF recruits, people moving overseas or for those who just want to learn on their own. Again these workshops can be physically and mentally challenging, taking people right out of their comfort zones.

Are you a non-profit or volunteer organisation ?

S.A.F.E also offer FREE training to groups or organisations like yours, for more details contact us.

Please note; we are limited on the amount of free classes we run per year due to the sheer demand, so please make sure you contact us early to ensure your place gets booked in.

So what sort of things can you learn at one of our workshops or courses ? 

  • Learn the vital parts of the body - parts of the body that are vulnerable & easy to attack
  • Learn how to defend yourself against slaps, punches, pushes & grabs
  • Learn to defend yourself against headlock's & a variety of wrist grabs
  • Learn how to defend against hair pulling
  • Learn how to defend against knife and broken bottle attacks
  • Learn how to defend yourself against chokeholds & headlocks
  • Learn how to use household objects as weapons of defence
  • Learn to defend yourself against many other types of attacks with confidence
  • Learn how to deal with multiple attackers
  • Learn ground fighting skills
  • Learn Awareness, Avoidance and De-Escalation techniques
  • Learn how to use elbows & knees as weapons
  • Rape prevention & defence
  • Learn team building skills
  • Plus lots lots more...

    Please note that what you are learning is not Krav Maga, it's Close Quarters Combat with dirty street fighting, kickboxing and kung fu techniques thrown in for good measure.

Listed above are just some of the many topics/modules we cover. The S.A.F.E Self Defence & Close Quarters Combat courses/workshops are a friendly, educational environment, where instructors know that some of the participants may have already been a victim, they won't spend too much time talking, they'll utilise as much time as possible demonstrating and teaching because that's what you're there for.

Rape, criminal attacks, domestic violence and bullying are on the increase throughout New Zealand and with a little bit of knowledge plus the practical application of techniques taught at S.A.F.E, participants will be able to feel more confident and safer at home, on the street, in college and at their place of work.
Street Self Defence and Martial Arts are two different things !!

We don't teach you to go toe to toe with an attacker and trade punches or kicks. Real life unfortunately doesn't play by the same rules as it does if you were fighting in a ring. S.A.F.E Self Defence & Close Quarters Combat teaches you how to stay street smart, but most of all it teaches you how to protect yourself or a loved one, should you find yourselves being attacked or assaulted.

We're often asked why we never have photographs or movies on our web site or social media pages...the answer is simple; There are a lot of people who participate in our courses and workshops who have been victims, how are currently victims or feel they may become a victim, so the last thing we want to do is show photographs of them all over the internet.

We respect each individual's right to privacy and will not post any image or movie without all the participants consent. Please note that we do not teach Krav Maga, we teach close quarters combat, dirty street fighting with some Kung Fu, Kickboxing and weapon work thrown in.