MINDSET Self-Defence Workshops & Courses

The self-defence workshops and courses we run are nothing like your typical self-defence course, from the very start you'll realise our instructors are extremely passionate and knowledgeable. They are also certified in their disciplines and make sure all the attendees feel comfortable, enjoy themselves and get the most they can out of it. The workshops and courses are a practical, hands-on experience where you learn fast, effective and easy to remember self-defence techniques.

Women's MINDSET Self-Defence Workshops

Every year MINDSET Self-Defence & Close Quarters Combat (formerly S.A.F.E Self-Defence & Close Quarters Combat) run their Women's MINDSET workshops for communities throughout New Zealand. 

These women's self-defence workshops typically span one to two days and cover a comprehensive range of topics. They are designed to be engaging and informative, with a primary focus on hands-on learning. The techniques taught are easy to grasp, simple to apply, and easy to remember. However, it's worth mentioning that these workshops can quickly push participants out of their comfort zones and may pose both mental and physical challenges for some individuals.

"All you need is a positive attitude and a willingness to learn"

These self-defence workshops for females are likely the top choice when it comes to practicality, comprehensiveness, and informative hands-on training. In other places, workshops that cover only a fraction of the content can cost hundreds of dollars per person.

Corporate MINDSET Self-Defence Workshops

Our workshops can be customised to meet the specific needs of your business. The starter workshop has a minimum duration of two hours, but we've also had courses that span a couple of hours each week over an eight-week period. We can tailor the workshops to accommodate your schedule and requirements. Whether you prefer to host the workshops at your business location or at a gym/hall of our choice, we can make it work for you. These workshops are particularly beneficial for boosting team morale, as well as for addressing Health and Safety or Workplace Wellness programs. They are also essential life skills, especially for professionals in hospitality, taxi/chauffeuring, civilian security, bouncing, nursing, real estate, aviation, sales, nannying, or au pairs.

Civilian Security Staff/Bouncers/Door Staff Workshops

We offer a comprehensive in-house training program designed for civilian security personnel, which includes instruction on customer interaction, physical restraint techniques, personal self-defence, and weapons defence. We have successfully delivered training to security organisations in New Zealand, including Sovereign Security Solutions, Corporate Security Group, and Red Badge Security.

One-On-One/Private Workshops

These customized workshops cater to individuals seeking private training, making them ideal for those in the fields of Acting/TV/Movie, business, law enforcement, military, those planning to relocate internationally, or anyone who values self-paced learning. It's important to note that these workshops can be both physically and mentally demanding, pushing participants beyond their comfort zones. One-on-One/Private workshops are available for individuals aged 16 and above.

The following are just some of the many non-profit, corporates and educational establishments where our MINDSET Self-Defence syllabus has been taught:

2 Degrees | ACC Hamilton | Albany Senior High School | Ashton Warner Nanny Academy | ATWC Family Start Auckland | Auckland Netball | Auckland University of Technology | Balance Agi-Nutrients | Becca Carter Tauranga | New Zealand Blind Foundation | Brave NZ | Corporate Academy Group | Christchurch Residential Care | Community Living Ltd | CompeteNZ | Corporate Security Group | Dinosaur Polo Club | DLA Piper | Emerge Aotearoa | Epsom Girls Grammar | Family Action | Family Start Manukau | Flying Solo | New Zealand Girl Guides Association | Gore & Clutha Women's Refuge | Green Bay High School | Hillcrest Medical Centre | Hilton Hotel Auckland | Hospice West Auckland | Kaplan International | KiwiOra Community Trust | KPMG | Kristin School | Life101 | Lifeskills | Lorna Jane | Lululemon Athletica | Mangere Budgeting Services | Massey Community Hub | Massey University | Miss Waikato | Swanson School | Mount Albert Grammar School | Murrays Bay Residential Association | New Zealand Rugby League | Next Generation Gym | Northcote College | NZMA Auckland | NZMA Hamilton | Philips Search & Rescue Hamilton | Pulse Personal Training | Rainbow Youth Auckland | Rainbow Youth Hamilton | Red Badge Security | Reebok Sparkpr | Rosehill College | Scouts Association of New Zealand | Smashing Promotions | Smile Care | Southern Cross Hospital Hamilton | Sovereign Security | Sports Auckland | St Addia Youth Auckland | St Cuthberts College | Te Wananga O Aotearoa | Te Whare Marama O Mangere | The Arts Students Association of the University of Auckland | The Hits | The Maritime Room | The Palace Dance Studio | The Salvation Army | Tompkins Wake Hamilton | University of Auckland | Village Collective | VinPro | Vista Entertainment Solutions | Waikato University | Windsor Park Baptist Church | Women in Engineering University of Auckland | Women's Centre Waitakere | YMCA Auckland | YWCA Hamilton | Young Mariners & Youthline

Are you a non-profit or volunteer organisation?

MINDSET Self-Defence & Close-Quarters Combat also provides complimentary training to groups or organisations similar to yours. For additional information, get in touch with us, depending on the organisation some terms and conditions may be applicable.

Please note: We'd love to provide instruction to as many people as possible, but regrettably, our capacity for offering free classes each year is constrained by the overwhelming demand. Therefore, we kindly request that you reach out to us well in advance to secure a booking for your business or organisation. 

So what sort of things can you learn at one of our workshops or courses ?
* Learn Awareness, Avoidance and De-Escalation techniques
* Learn the vital parts of the body & where/how to strike
* Learn how to use elbows & knees as weapons
* Learn how to defend yourself against slaps, punches, pushes & grabs
* Learn to defend yourself against headlock's & wrist grabs
* Learn how to defend against hair pulling & ponytail grabs
* Learn how to defend against bear hugs/clinches
* Learn how to defend against knife and broken bottle attacks
* Learn how to defend yourself against chokeholds & headlocks
* Learn how to deal with multiple attackers
* Learn ground fighting skills
* Learn rape defence
* Learn how to use household objects as weapons of defence
* Learn to defend yourself against many other types of attacks with confidence
* Plus lots lots more... 

We do not teach Krav Maga, we teach close quarters combat with dirty street fighting, Kung Fu, Chinese Boxing and weapon work thrown in for good measure. 

Listed above are just some of the many topics/modules we cover. The MINDSET Self-Defence courses and workshops are a friendly, educational environment, where instructors know that some of the participants may have already been a victim or are a victim, they won't spend too much time talking, they'll utilise as much time as possible demonstrating and teaching because that's what you're there for.

Street Self Defence and Martial Arts are two different things !!

We don't teach you to go toe to toe with an attacker and trade punches or kicks. Real life unfortunately doesn't play by the same rules as it does if you were fighting in a ring. MINDSET teaches you how to stay safe, but most of all it teaches you how to protect yourself or a loved one should you find yourselves being attacked or physically assaulted.

We're often asked why we never have photographs or movies on our website or social media pages...the answer is simple; There are a lot of people who participate in our courses and workshops who have been victims, how are currently victims or feel they may become a victim, so the last thing we want to do is show photographs or video footage of them all over the internet.

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Self-Defence & Close Quarters Combat can be both physically and mentally demanding, if unsure seek your doctor's advice before undertaking any form of physical training or have a word with the instructor. 

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