The Street Smart System teaches you how to deal with the worse case scenarios.

When all awareness, avoidance & de-escalation fails & suddenly it turns violent & physical, you realise have no other option but to fight back & get yourself to safety.

What's New - 21st Jan 2020

The first Women's Street Smart workshop for 2020 is starting on the 21st & 22nd Mar at Massey University, Auckland. Registration is now open. 

The bulk of our workshops for the year have been finalised and are also open for registration. Our Waiheke Island Workshop will be in May, registration will be open soon. The South Island workshops are in the process of being finalised, we're looking at June for Christchurch and roundabout August for Dunedin.

"...a massive shout out to Charlie Riley from Safe Self Defence & Close Quarters Combat for all the amazing work they do. Charlie, you are a champion among champions. Thank you. Ladies, if you loved #reebokunleashed or if you missed out, please check out Charlie and find a course near you." Zoe Bell - Hollywood Stunt Woman, Actress & Producer

Register for Workshops

Self-Defence & Close Quarters Combat Workshops & Courses throughout New Zealand...

The self-defence workshops and courses we run are nothing like your typical self-defence course, from the very start you'll realise our instructors are extremely passionate and knowledgeable. They are also certified in their disciplines and make sure all the attendees feel comfortable, enjoy themselves and get the most they can out of it. The workshops and courses are a practical, hands-on experience where you learn fast, effective and easy to remember self-defence techniques. 

Rape, criminal attacks, domestic and workplace violence along with bullying are on the increase throughout New Zealand and with a little bit of knowledge along with the practical application of techniques taught throughout the Street Smart Self-Defence System  participants will be able to feel more confident and safer at home, on the street, at their place of learning or at their place of work.

The Street Smart Self-Defence System is being taught to corporates, non-profits, Universities, College and Schools. The syllabus taught can be tailored to suit any type of business and is perfect for those looking for team building, Health and Safety or a Workplace Wellness programme.