Self Defence & Close Quarters Combat Workshops, Courses, Classes & Seminars throughout New Zealand.

The self defence workshops and courses we run are nothing like your typical self defence course, from the very start you'll realise our instructors are extremely passionate and knowledgeable, they are also certified in their disciplines and make sure all the attendees feel comfortable, enjoy themselves and get the most they can out of it. The workshops/courses are a practical, hands-on experience where you learn fast, effective and easy to remember self defence techniques. These techniques are so incredibly simple that you'll have the ability to use them straight away.
Rape, criminal attacks, domestic violence and bullying are on the increase throughout New Zealand and with a little bit of knowledge plus the practical application of techniques coached at S.A.F.E, participants will be able to feel more confident and safer at home, on the street, in college and at their place of work.

What sort of thing do you expect to learn, and why do I need to come to one of your workshops or courses ?

The self defence modules teaches you how to protect yourself should you find yourself being attacked or assaulted, they also teach you to become more aware of your surroundings and what sort of situations to avoid, what we mainly teach, is to prepare yourself for the worse case scenario situations. The instructors show participants a combination of dirty street fighting, close quarters combat, kickboxing, kung fu and de-escalation skills, in addition; workshops can also cover static and dynamic knife defence plus ways to use everyday items such as sweeping brushes, keys, belts, shoes and credit cards as weapons. 

The web site is consistently being worked on, as is the syllabus we teach, so make a point of coming back again or better yet get yourself booked on one of the S.A.F.E Self Defence Workshops, Courses or Seminars.

What's New...02nd April 2018

The next Auckland Women's Street Smart workshops is in Helensville on the 15th April. The 6 week University of Auckland classes starting on the 23rd, then we have three specialist women's workshops happening in May, June & July. Knife Defence, Rape Defence & Combat Striking & Kicking. Workshops are all open for registration.

"...a massive shout out to Charlie Riley from Safe Self Defence & Close Quarters Combat for all the amazing work they do. Charlie, you are a champion among champions. Thank you. Ladies, if you loved #reebokunleashed or if you missed out, please check out Charlie and find a course near you."
Zoe Bell - Hollywood Stunt Woman, Actress & Producer