What a brilliant course!! Didn't expect anything, when I signed up for it and came out with so much more knowledge (and bruisings)! Just an amazing weekend, where you actually learn about what you're actually able to do! Big thumbs up team - thanks so much for offering something like that!!


I participated in their lastest self defence class for women. It was full on! Right away, we dove into action, punching, fighting.. it was an incredible experience that certainly left its imprints (not only because I got punched in the face ;)). Both Nina & Charlie were incredibly dedicated trainers. Thank you for the passion to share this Know-how with women - for free!


Signed up for the Tauranga workshop, and I have to say one of the best and informative women's self defence workshops I have ever been to. Having trained in Japanese Karate for over a decade, I was utterly impressed on how simple and effective CQC can be. The instructors certainly knew their stuff and every time I had a scenario for Charlie he would give me 2 or 3 different solutions.
These workshops are not funded by anyone nor is there a governing body, it's out of the sheer passion and honest want to keep women safe that these workshops exsist. Thanks you again Charlie and Nina - Osu


So lucky to have Chae from Safe Self Defence travel all the way down to Waikato to offer a workshop for all our female students. Amazing feedback from the students as well as staff about how valuable it truly was. Students were taught some awesome techniques and Chae delivered the workshop with realistic scenarios - really preparing the students for what they might actually face. Would totally recommend this organisation!


Charlie and Nina delivered an intense fully hands on workshop in a safe space which has given us many strategies to get out of unwanted situations in a straight up but sensitive way. Thank you for your patience and sharing your knowledge.


Attended the Womens Street Smart Workshop in Tauranga. Physically demanding but left with not only some valuable skills but a few souvenir bruises! Liked the intensity and such great support/guidance from the instructors. A huge big thanks!


I work for an Organisation that supports People with an Intelectual disabilities and Chae was amazing. He was able to teach them at their pace, he was relatable and fun and the Ladies who participated had a wonderful time learning skills that could one day help them out in a real life situation. Thank you very much and hopefully we can arrange another course in 2019


Thank you for bringing this to the West. I learnt heaps and feel more confident from having participated.


I was very apprehensive about doing this workshop after reading the reviews...not that they were bad they are all 5 star rated, I just didn't think I had it in me to do it. After day one I was absolutely knackered but I felt as though I had acheived a lot and got past the mental barrier that I had built up. Day two was a step up in training and a hell of a lot more realistic and I could see that everything we had learnt over the two days built up to the all iimportant rape defence module. All I can say is Thank You to Charlie and his instructors for providing an eye opening experience that showed the reality that some women have to live on a daily basis. This workshop should be government funded and promoted and then that way Charlie can provide even more free workshops throughout New Zealand.


Valuable and very worth it. Absolutely no joke about the bruises and the hard work, because you can't avoid them at this workshop - but I would definitely do it again. There isn't a reason not to, if you can attend the free workshop. Feeling much more empowered and safe and though I hope to never use the techniques I learned, I'm glad I know them.


I heard about the SAFE course being held in Helensville through Facebook. What I loved most about the course were the skills learnt to give me empowerment over my choices.
It is important to me that who I have sex with is my choice and where I can go socialising without being compromised will also be my choice. Definitely upskilled and would consider training more. The worst part was the physicality, however having now having been in that situation I would be better prepared for the reality of a life and death situation where I was being attacked. Better still having the preemptive skills to escape being pinned down before violence escalated. Just the right tone.
Thanks Charlie, Nina and Ash.


This self defence class is so valuable! We covered many different scenarios in two days with enough time to repeat and practice with changing partners. And the best thing is, you don't have to be strong, it rather comes down to the right technique. Charlie, Ash and Nina were so helpful and created a safe and fun environment. The course is physically and mentally exhausting, but so so worth it! Can only recommend it to anyone.


Awesome class with very practical lessons! Fast paced but easy to follow, I was very impressed with the amount of content we were taught over the two day course. Will definitely be looking into attending a weekly class if you make it to the North Shore!


The lesson was really good today. I learnt how to defend myself against a number of attacks and build my confidence to be able to safely use my new found skills in real life situations.


This self defence class is a must for every woman. It is hard work but so empowering to learn how to use your bodies mechanics instead of strength (that you may not have) to get yourself out of tricky situations. Definitely a must! Charlie is an excellent trainer. Loved it and feel so empowered from what I learnt.


I've done a few of these workshops now and I always learn something new, or review something that I thought I knew, but find I didn't know that well at all. It's tough but well worth it. While you don't have to be a fit, a reasonable level of fitness is a help, as is the right mental attitude. Self defence is not pretty but then again, neither is violence and aggression, so give yourself the best chance of surviving by taking part in these workshops. Charlie is a great instructor, and paces the class well, making the instruction relevant, and sometimes scarily realistic.


Hi Charlie! Thanks ever so much for a fantastic day! It was marvellous as well as a heap of fun. Very much appreciated your time. Also your enthusiasm, style and humour was a delight!!! Really appreciated your dedication and enthusiasm!


Charlie and Ash came to teach self defence to Orewa Girl Guides and Rangers. The girls loved it and learnt so much! Charlie is very knowledgeable and approachable. We will definitely be in touch to arrange another workshop in the near future. Thanks Charlie and Ash for making it informative and, just as important, fun! Highly recommend.


It’s a tough two day course but it was well worth it. Was disappointing that hardly anyone turned up for the second day as that was the best part, and extremely important as it was rape prevention. I highly recommend the workshop and definitely going to continue with the training. I feel a lot more confident and empowered having done it.


Hi Chae, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the course you ran at my studio. I have had really positive feedback. Although the participants found it very confronting, intimidating, scary and physically tough, they found it enormously beneficial and are all so glad they did it. Having such positive feedback reflects so much on the instructor, and I appreciate your time, energy and patience.


We UNLEASHED Thursday night! An amazing experience with over 100 women at Reebok’s CONFIDENCE UNLEASHED event. Proud to be involved. Thank you Reebok and a huge thank you to all the women who showed up - for themselves! Let’s keep that up!
And a massive shout out to Charlie Riley from Safe Self Defence & Close Quarters Combat for all the amazing work they do. Charlie, you are a champion among champions. Thank you. Ladies, if you loved #reebokunleashed or if you missed out, please check out Charlie and find a course near you.


All I can say is this has to be one of the most realistic, educational, practical and entertaining experiences I've had in along time. For the seriousness of the subject matter Charlie certainly knows how to make sure everyone learns the syllabus, and he doesn't leave anyone behind with his teaching. I teach professional business workshops and I have to say I wish I had the teaching skills that Charlie does. Please do not stop what your doing Charlie!!!


I feel empowered after this course, armed with confidence and knowledge. Some of what we learnt was gruelling at times but completely necessary and I’m so grateful to SAFE for providing this initiative for the community. Charlie was an incredible instructor, straight to the point and authentic in his delivery, reminding us constantly of the reality of what we are dealing with and why we need to make the most of the time and knowledge that is being shared. Thank you for providing us with this opportunity, I will be doing the course again some time and encouraging all women in my community to attend also.


Inspirational, intense and inspiring that's all I can say about this workshop. DO IT !!!


I did the free course in Hamilton today and learnt some very useful skills. The techniques are broken down and Charlie is a great teacher explaining and stepping you through the process. Wear comfortable (gym) gear that you're not too precious about, bring the right attitude to both defend and attack and be prepared to be me totally and physically drained. You won't regret it.


I took Charlie's one-day women's defense class. As everyone else has been saying: expect to get tired and bruised and maybe even your shirt ripped up but what you get out of the class is worth that sacrifice. I hope to never have to use any of the techniques that we went over, but I also feel that if I do find myself in a bad situation, I have many different tools to help me get out of it and survive. Some things of note: * Bring water! * Bring something to eat during lunch break * Be mentally ready to have a really hard day (as well as be sore for the next several days)


All I can say is DO IT, it is worth every bit of sweat and aching muscle. I just can't believe that Charlie provides these workshops free of charge. I've attended numerous self defence workshops in the past and this one has to be the best by far. Thanks Charlie and hopefully some day some organisation will fund these workshops.


Awesome Charlie - so appreciate the time and effort you put into these courses. Full on, bruises, ripped shirt, takes you out of your comfort zone but I am buzzing. I won't remember everything but hopefully enough, and I will be back in the future. Highly recommended - a must for all


I attended Charlie's self defence class in Helensville on Saturday and it was awesome! It is physically demanding and I am covered in bruises but I learnt so much. Charlie keeps it real and gives you plausible scenarios and how the hell to get yourself of them. Fantastic class of women who gave it their all and plenty of humour to keep you motivated! 


This is an excellent course every woman should do. You come away feel confident and empowered that you can get yourself out of that awful situation if it ever arises. Thanks heaps Charlie.


Self Defence Sessions run by NZ SELF DEFENCE CHAMPION...CHARLIE, what a great 2 nights, Big thanks to Charlie who helped our youth group to learn how to safely defend themselves in many situation. Highly Experienced and recommended


Brilliant day - didn't know what to expect and learned heaps. Think you wore the girls out.


Highly recommended, thank you Chae I really appreciate the time you give to us!!


This free workshop for women pushed me outside my physical and mental barriers to show me that I can fight off a potential offender. The class was made up of all ages and fitness levels and everyone discovered that using techniques shown by SAFE Self Defence, we could all be empowered not to be a victim of assault. Do it!


Thank you for giving women an opportunity to learn how to defend themselves effectively and honestly. It was a day of pushing me out of my comfort zone but gained some fantastic techniques and confidence by the end.. as well as a couple of bruises, but totally worth it. Highly recommend!


Really enjoyed learning ways to keep safe - the tactics were easy to learn and practical. Thank you


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing the self defence classes, and for the amazing instruction you have given Izzy over the last 2 terms. The realistic scenarios and the responses to them that you have taught her have instilled confidence in Izzy which has carried forward into other aspects of her life.

As parents of a 16 year old girl, who due to living in a variety of countries has had a rather sheltered life, we are incredibly grateful to you for giving her the skills to get out of and away from dangerous situations. We particularly appreciate the prevention and getting away as soon as possible aspect of the instruction, as it is all to easy for a teenager to consider themselves “invincible” and get involved where they shouldn’t. We would strongly recommend your course to any teenage girl, to enlighten her on the realities of the world out there, and how to avoid and, if necessary, deal with and get away from them.


I have come out extremely bruised, was very physical but totally worth pushing through the physical and mental challenges. Great instructor and techniques that anyone can do!! Glad I stuck it out!!


Such an awesome course, learned so much and have the combat tattoos to prove it haha. No matter your age or level of technique, fitness etc, if you have the right attitude you will get loads out of it. Charlie is a fantastic teacher, he takes what he does seriously and is passionate and thorough - I feel confident and empowered, and keep going over the moves in my head! Ten outta ten, thankyou :)


A big thank you, Chae, for coming down to Nelson at your own expense to run a very successful women’s self-defence workshop. Your positive attitude and passion for what you do showed through right from the start. It was a full on practical course with real life scenarios showing us how to defend, how to block and the most vulnerable parts of the body. We lea rned so much and were able to practice the moves in a safe and supportive environment. Most of all it was an empowering experience – giving us the confidence to look after ourselves in tough situations. And we have the combat tattoos to prove it. :-) Thanks once again for a really worthwhile weekend workshop.


Awesome , would love to do the two day next. When you back this way (Rotorua).


This workshop is like a beauty treatment for your soul. I left each day feeling good about what I had achieved and proudly showed off my combat tattoos to my family. All you need to do is turn up. A can do attitude will help. And believe me with Charlie as your instructor you can do it. I can't wait until oct. To do it again and hopefully I will bring along a few extra ladies with me. Thank you Charlie it was a real fantastic weekend, loads of fun.


Valuable and very worth it. Absolutely no joke about the bruises and the hard work, because you can't avoid them at this workshop - but I would definitely do it again. There isn't a reason not to, if you can attend the free workshop. Feeling much more empowered and safe and though I hope to never use the techniques I learned, I'm glad I know them..


Completed a 2 day workshop over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it! A great atmosphere with like-minded people all wanting to learn. Thank you so much Charlie for all the work you do! Myself and extra friends will be back in October!


U are doing an amazing work !! Lots of thanks for thinking about women safety, not many people are able to give back to society as you are doing :)


It is amazing that something like this exists for free! We learned so much. All girls should learn how to defend themselves like this! I really wish I would have gone last year. I will definitely come back for a refreshing course!


Charlie came and took a Saturday class at Waiuku. I was looking for something down to earth for my young daughters - unfortunately my teen got a part time job two weeks before and couldn't make it. The class was hard, honest and ruthless just like a rapist or attacker is going to be with you or your family. Yes the ladies that attended were bruised and exhausted afterwards but when I ran into one of them ( a local nurse) she said she does remember the key things Chae taught us, knee, eyes, movement to get out of the hold and run. I for one will be supporting and sponsoring another class this year. My philosophy is if it hurts for a few days it's better than the pain of attack for a lifetime on me of worse my daughters. Thank you Chae I feel confident in giving it my best in the moves you taught us up against even big guys to get out of the situation and save ourselves. See you later this year. thanks so much for the honesty and realism.


I recently completed the SAFE self defence workshop held at Te Puru Sports Hall and have only good things to say. I will be recommending this workshop to friends and family. Having not been to any self defence classes before I was unsure what to expect, but the workshop far exceeded any expectations I had. I now feel confident that I could defend myself in a wide range of scenarios. Charlie is a fantastic instructor and ensures that everyone can learn in a safe yet realistic environment. To anyone considering going to one of his workshops - do it, take an open mind and be ready to learn, you won't regret it!


Hi Charlie, I wanted to say a big thank you for this fantastic course! It really, really challenged me both mentally and physically, but it was absolutely outstanding! I feel I now have some of the skills and knowledge to defend myself, and have a lot more confidence. This was such a fantastic life skill to learn, and I am really glad I came along. Thank you so much!


As I came the first day I didn't expect such a physical workout! I have never sweat so much in my life. It was also quite a mental effort to overcome all the barriers we have. But it was definitely worth it! Charlie is a great trainer, very attentive and careful, I really felt that he likes what he does, and he cares, he explained everything in detail and demonstrated in a secured way. Funny but demanding. By the end of the course my whole body ached but I knew how to get myself out of situations that seemed impossible before! It is really reassuring, makes you more confident. I would recommend this course to EVERYONE!


Every woman needs to do this so go book in now! Thanks so much Charlie for providing the 2 day workshop over the weekend in Albany for free. So pleased we did it. Excellent techniques taught, wished I had done it sooner!


On Saturday I was there. Charlie did a great job. So passionate and professional. I really enjoyed it and I am sorry I missed Sunday.


We asked Chae to hold a self defense workshop for the staff, volunteers and young people at RainbowYOUTH as the environment we are working in can be testing at times. We weren't sure what to expect but the workshop completely exceeded our expectations. We did end up with a few bumps and bruises but it was definitely worth it. Chae was so enthusiastic and supportive throughout the day and the young people, as well as the staff members had a great time. If you´re looking for someone to teach you how to defend yourself in any kind of threatening situation, I would definitely recommend Chae because he's so passionate about what he does. Thank you so much for taking the time to make us feel safer in our daily lives!!


My perception about the class nearly stopped me from going to the 2 day Auckland workshop but I'm glad I went out of my comfort zone and did go. The environment was really supportive and safe. Everything was controlled and well taught. The trainer is a fantastic teacher who explains, demonstrates and supports each step of the way. Yes it was a great workout too but I feel incredibly accomplished to have completed both days. I've learnt so much and feel more certain in my own ability to handle whatever life throws at me. I'd recommend this class to everyone and I'll definitely be back to keep my new skills sharp. Thanks for the amazing weekend!


Just completed the 2 day workshop in Grafton with Charlie. Highly recommend it !!
I am a professional fitness coach and it was a breath of fresh air to be a student in such a professional training environment, where you learn very effective skills to defend yourself safely and strict with technique. You get such a lot of out of it, if you put in your 100% effort, as that's what Charlie does I definitely will be carrying on with Wednesday night classes held at the Combat Krav Maga, Grafton . Thank you for your quality time.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Charlie Riley for the Self Defence workshops he delivered at Mount Albert Grammar this year. As part of our Year 10 Health programme, Charlie ran 6 junior health classes. Charlie was at the highest standard, he was interactive and met the educational needs of year 10 students. Charlie's passion for inspiring young people, and allowing them an opportunity to think about their personal safety and potential issues they will face in their lives is commendable. His messages about personal safety, consequences and responsibility was inspirational, valuable and informative. It is my belief that students came away with a wealth of knowledge which goes far beyond school but for their own personal lives and the lives of their friends and family. SAFE Self Defence are a valuable asset to our community and to any health programme. We will continue to invite Charlie in at various times over the year to enhance and reinforce the learning of our students. Thank you once again for presenting to our students.


Thank you Chae for holding these incredible free workshops. I feel a lot more confident and hadn't realised how much I could learn in such a small amount of time. At the same time it has really highlighted how little I know in terms of self defence and protecting myself in case I might need to in a real life situation. If you haven't attended a Women's Street Smart workshop already I would highly recommend getting yourself to one ASAP.


I honestly didn't know what to expect when I signed up to the Wellington Workshops. I can't recommend enough the value of attending one of these workshops. I feel equipped and confident that I could look after myself if the situation ever arose that I needed to. Charlie was absolutely excellent. It was an intense weekend and the bruises, sorry combat tattoos, were worth it.


Great workshop which you gain valuable knowledge very very practical! Everyone should do it. Charlie is a great teacher and instructor! Very hand on, lots and lots of practices! Give it a try, please!!!


An incredibly tough yet amazing workshop. Thank you to Charlie for putting us all through our paces, most definitely happy to spread the word about this teaching tool!


Hi Charlie, Thank you very much for the passion in teaching us the techniques. Now I feel confident and fearless to tackle people if I am attacked. By making the course intensive I have more options to use when attacked. I also feel more safe at home as I can defend myself. Thanks a ton. Thank you for your quality time.


A small snippett posted on Club Waipa's Facebook page...

Hey a massive thank you to Charlie our instructor, very passionate, knowledgeable and a wee bit of a comedian.
And what’s a workshop without those that attend. Outstanding and inspirational. You all should be very proud of yourself, it was not an easy day. Thank you all so much for supporting the workshop, Women’s Refuge and each other. And a BIG shout out to Countdown for providing us with lunch, you are what a community is all about. Thank you so very much. SAFE Self-defence (Charlie) has offered to come back in the New Year to repeat the workshop. To reinforce what was learnt, update any technique and catch anyone that missed out this time.


A free two day workshop was run at Manurewa Marae for the young women in our community. Chae is an awesome instructor; we learnt some valuable life skills about keeping ourselves safe; it was suitable for any fitness level and worked well for the age group. The workshops were very empowering and i believe that the skills Chae teaches are a necessity for all young women! Nga mihi Chae, awesome mahi!                    


Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop! I learnt so much, even in just 2 day. This is because all participants was very engaged and worked hard, and most of all because Charlie is a great instructor! It is hard work, but definitely worth it. I would recommend this to all my friends, and bring as many as I can to next year workshop ;). Cheers to Forsyth Barr Stadium for providing the venue, and an immense thank you to Charlie and the beautiful women at the Dunedin workshop.


Great classes, awesome tutor, highly recommended for all wanting some self defence techniques.


Great way to learn simple technics to give yourself a chance against violence. Great active experience, hands-on too. Charlie makes it fun and makes you feel worth fighting for. Thanks! ..Yes it should be subsidised for schools and as a working adult I will easily consider the course.


Fantastic workshop. Really felt empowered at the end of it with the knowledge that should the worst happened, I have at least a fighting chance to get away. Thank you Charlie, you're doing awesome work.


Essential life skills training suitable for women of all ages. Really enjoyable with a serious focus. I highly recommend Charlie.


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend a two day women’s self defense course in Christchurch this past weekend. From the start of the course I was really struck with how totally engaged Charlie was as an instructor. It was evident how much his heart was in it. When I subsequently learned from the course facilitator that it was out of the goodness of his own heart that Charlie had travelled from Auckland to run the programme, I was moved to tears. I knew the training was free to participants but had presumed he received funding from a community grant, or the like. It was profound to encounter someone to whom, in such a tangible way, it is evident that the safety of women and girls matters so much. Charlie’s course is no-nonsense, physical, confronting, intense and everything it needs to be for women to grasp the reality of what is required when it comes to acting in their own defense. The drilling and repetition meant we all came away with bruises, or as Charlie calls them, “combat tattoos”. I am wearing my bruises like badges - I earned them doing drills designed to override any unhelpful default responses to fear, and any reticence about metering out violence. I feel better able to protect myself in a world that, for many girls and women, can feel unsafe. A gift I will never forget.


Thank you so much Charlie for giving us your time and knowledge, and Mateja and Susan for organising this! This workshop is definitely one of the most informative and physically/mentally challenging days I've experienced and I thoroughly recommend it to every woman who gets a chance to participate - don't be shy! My arms are already bruising and I lost a fair bit of hair but it was a lot of fun, despite the grim situations we were training for. Thanks again.


Ladies you MUST do this womens self defence class if you get the chance. It could potentially even save your life one day. Thank you so much Charlie for the Chch workshop this weekend, I just can't thank you enough for the skills you have taught me. Very professional. I'm actually looking forward to refreshing my skills next time! My body is quite sore today but it was TOTALLY 100% worth it!! Please don't stop giving ladies the skills to help protect themselves, you are doing wonderful inspiring things.


We learnt so much and had fun at the same time at the Christchurch workshop this weekend. If you've ever wanted to do a self defence class then do this one! Charlie's a fantastic instructor, easy to learn, practical and you'll come away with so much confidence in your ability to protect yourself. Thanks again Charlie!


“Thanks again Chae…really appreciated your workshop – especially in the type of work we do! I liked the interactive style of teaching and feel as though I’ve picked up some key self-defence skills. I would highly recommend this to others!”

“Chae – that was amazing, not only did I manage to get a workout in for the day but I learnt some very valuable skills to keep in my ‘kete’ – as we never know when we will need this. I feel a lot more confident in myself to be able to keep myself protected, as you said it's all about attitude”

“Chae you shared some useful tips to help us remember what to do ie check your phone etc I found this fun and easy to remember”.

“Chae you were real, no sugar coating – straight to the point and professional, I loved how you knew background to the social sector that personified the experience and held value to what we do in our communities when working with the most vulnerable”


Attended 2 day workshop at Massey. I believe everyone can take a good piece from this course - it's fun, it's honestly practical. Had peace of mind at the end of the session. Many thanks to Charlie.


Huge thanks to Charlie and Massey uni, I am still suffering from the muscle pains but it was one of the most valuable workshops ever. Everything was totally new to me and I wouldn't have come up with those self-protecting ideas if I didn't join this workshop. Also thanks to the highly motivated ladies who partnered up had extra aggressive practices with me ;)


I highly recommend going but if you are not committed to doing the two days in a row .. don't bother ... you miss out on way too much if you do not follow through .. day one is awesome, tough and painful .... day two much the same but I learnt more on day two than I ever thought .... I love my battle tattoos as they remind me of what I have learnt (Sundays tattoos are much more cooler than Saturdays ones ) I know now I can get out of a situation if need be ... Thank you Charlie for giving up your precious time to teach us, and being approachable to re show us when we just cant get it and definitely Huge Thanks to Massey Uni totally amazing to give the space for us woman to learn something so important. I feel so much more confident .. I look forward to get more battle tattoos in the future on my refresher.


I heard about the SAFE course being held in Helensville through Facebook. What I loved most about the course were the skills learnt to give me empowerment over my choices.
It is important to me that who I have sex with is my choice and where I can go socialising without being compromised will also be my choice. Definitely upskilled and would consider training more. The worst part was the physicality, however having now having been in that situation I would be better prepared for the reality of a life and death situation where I was being attacked. Better still having the preemptive skills to escape being pinned down before violence escalated. Just the right tone.
Thanks Charlie, Nina and Ash..


Went to the self-defence course run by Charlie over the weekend at Massey University. An absolutely fantastic course! Charlie is a great teacher, and imparted much knowledge on how to deal with a variety of situations. I liked how physical it was, because I felt it helped me remember the techniques better. I would definitely recommend the course, and think that every woman would benefit from Charlie's knowledge.


Awesome work, Charlie! The two-day course is an eye-opener - there are so many things you can do to defend yourself ! I learnt heaps and had a lot of fun as well. I recommend it!


Just finished the 2 day women's self-defense workshop at Massey Albany campus and LOVED it!! Learned so many practical and useful techniques that everyone should acquire. Thanks so much Charlie for your time and sharing us your knowledge. Bravo


Charlie is a fantastic teacher and by the end of the weekend you really feel like you have a full toolbox in case you ever need them. I highly recommend this workshop to all women. It could save your life. Well worth the bruises!


Thanks so much Charlie for giving our group of teenagers, the skills and confidence they need that may one day save their life. We are very grateful for your expertise and time. We are all in awe of you and your skill set. Thank you so much Charlie!!


Hi Charlie, Thanks again for the awesome course in Wellington yesterday. A few hours of lessons could be all the difference between life and death, so really appreciate you giving up your time for these free courses. Once you've got dates locked in for your next Wellington course, just let me know and I can help spread the word through friends and work. I'm sure many of them would love to attend.


Hi Charlie, Although I left early on Sunday, I just wanted to email and say many thanks for the course. It was brilliant and I will recommend it to a number of other women I work with. I was wondering whether you had ever thought about offering courses for men and women who were over 60 as I know a number who could do with learning the basics. The moves you showed us on that Saturday are brilliant...Anyhow I really just wanted to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciated your giving up the time to help us learn the basics of self defence. It has made me want to go on and learn more, despite the bruises.


Just a big thank you to Charlie for his great weekend workshop at Massey...bruises yes... Painful yes... wud I come back for a weekly class YES


The 2 day workshop has not only brought self-defence knowledge and skills to us but also CONFIDENCE. I recommend this course to woman like me who thinks women are so vulnerable. Charlie is a great instructor who motives and encourages us to challenge ourselves. We learnt different skills for different scenarios. Spending a few hours on weekend was well worth the time and energy. I know for sure that if you go to this course once, you want to attend another one. Can’t wait to see Charlie again at one of the workshops.


Monday was a painful day for me, I could barely move! The bumps and bruises were worth it however. I didn't know how defenceless I was until I met Charlie. Thinking I could defend myself and actually being able to defend myself turned out to be two completely different things. Bring on the next workshop!


I'm covered in bruises and my muscles are sore, but it was 100% worth it. The workshop taught me so many new techniques and I feel so much more confident in myself and my ability to protect myself. Bruises are a small price to pay for the skills and confidence Charlie gives you.


Such a great class! Charlie makes each class hard work but totally enjoyable! I especially enjoyed the fitness regime and learnt a lot of technical manoeuvres that really could save you from being seriously hurt. I'm still practising the moves on my family! ! It was lovely to meet such a fantastic bunch of hard working women. Thanks so much for all your hard work Charlie!


My teenage daughter attended the Grafton workshop. Yes there were battle bruises on her arms ... but a small price to pay for the techniques that she learnt. The instructor had 30 years of Martial Arts experience. He knew his stuff and the course was lots of fun! I'll be signing up myself for the next one. A must do for any teenage girl, and thoroughly recommended for all woman.


Fantastic course. Highly professional. For those of you who have been brought up to "Suck it up and Not to make a scene ", this will turn your thinking upside down. A bit of pain for a huge gain. Never too old, if you are female, give it a go.


Hi there, my name is Deanne Hornigold and I participated in the Self Defence Workshop run by Charlie this past weekend at Massey University. I was thoroughly impressed by the course and I was wondering if we could organised for him to come in, to do a similar workshop at our school.


HI Chae, Thank you so much for your class yesterday and expertise. The women all had a wonderful time. They have told me that they enjoyed learning the techniques as it was all new to them. They learnt some important skills. The session has been very valuable for them. We would like to ask to book you in again next term.


Hi Chae, Just wanted to say thank you very much for running the self-defence workshops this weekend! It sounds like they were very successful. I’ve had a couple comments on the Facebook page today saying what a good workshop it was and that you’re a great instructor. I’m very keen to run the next workshop in May.                         


Definitely a few bruises and sore arms etc but oh so worth it. Highly recommended to all ladies out there. Thanks Charlie for the awesome 2 days!!


Once again Charlie, we really appreciate the time and effort you put into coming out to Rotorua and delivering such an important topic and I'm sure we can assure you – you will be back in 2016. Thanks Heaps Chae.


Thank you for such a great weekend.


It was so helpful, awesome! Thank you very much.


I attended the self-defense workshop in Gisborne. Such a great initiative with superb training from Charlie. Yes, sore arms but lots of techniques and very useful tricks. MUST DO for all the teenagers out there.


Loved this class – it's the best, most practical self-defence course I've ever done. Plan to do more in the future. Recommended for every female out there trust me, you never know when these skills will come in handy. Be prepared for some ruff & tough, but hey, any attacker isn't exactly going to be gentle aye!


Thanks Chae! You have been absolutely amazing to deal with we can't wait to unleash our inner warriors (in a safe, fun environment!) under supervised instruction ;)


Thanks to Charlie for the 2 amazing days at the course :) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COURSE TO ALL - well worth doing!  Rochelle Saunders this is so worth doing - I did the Taupo 2 day course and it is great Hard work, a few bruises, sore arms.........but will teach you to look after yourself.


Hi Charlie, Thanks for the Women's self defence event you put on in Taupo this weekend, My girlfriend Kirsty attended and she got a huge amount out of it. I feel a lot happier knowing she has some skills to take care of herself.


Hello, This is Emily. I went to the workshop today and this was the first time I learnt some techniques to defend myself. I did enjoy it and after coming back home even asked my husband to practice with me.
Thank you for the workshop and I have shared the experience with my friends and co-workers. Hope next time if there is any workshop in Taupo again, I will bring my friends to join it. Thank you very much.


Hi Charlie...I attended the course you put on in Taupo this weekend so firstly Thanks so much for giving up your time and bringing your amazing skills...Anyway thanks again, I'm sure we all have taken valuable information away with us. Cheers.


SAFE Self Defence instructor Charlie Riley has been a wonderful addition to our Defence Programme and for our students over the past six years. He knows what he's talking about and makes the learning of Self Defence fun while maintaining the seriousness of the skills. He clarifies the WHY, WHEN and HOW when applying Self Defence. A no nonsense approach to his sessions; yet you cannot help enjoy yourself immensely and walk away feeling 'achievement' and 'ready to go for another session'.
Each year my students would ask for more and more time with Charlie; what initially was a 2 hour session, became 2 weeks at a time. Thanks to his classes, Charlie has also helped direct many youth to take a pathway towards a career in Sports, recreation, self defence, security, personal training and the Police Force. I have found myself personally participating each year in Charlie's classes and always felt exhilarated with the new skills I learnt. Charlie's instructional style, great sense of humour and professionalism just makes 'hitting the ground' so much fun.


My daughter Edyn and her friend Jess attended a recent 2 day Self Defence Workshop held at the Gardens in Manurewa last month. I was working that weekend and couldn’t attend myself but I did get to catch the tail end of the Sunday class. I was thoroughly impressed with your teaching methods and real life application of the content you covered. My daughter absolutely loved it and went to tell her friends at school too.


Hey Charlie, just want to thank you on behalf of the boys for our training last week. Another excellent session, the confidence you are installing into the boys is fantastic. I would recommend SAFE Self Defence to anyone wanting to learn how to defend themselves, Charlie's one of the best in the business. Thanks again see you next time.


This self defence workshop was a perfect grand finally to our three day holiday programme delivered to teens. As the programme facilitator at the end of the SAFE self defence workshop I had a few subtle bruises, some muddy clothes and a bunch of students who thoroughly enjoyed me being the “would be attacker” only to get slammed time and time again by the Scottish master of self defence Chae. I also got to have a whole heap of fun, learn some pretty amazing new skills myeslf and partake with our students who you could clearly see I loved every minute of it.
From start to finish Chae had myself and the entire groups attention. His passion and enthusiasm for self defence is abundantly clear and very contagious which makes him so easy to learn from. His demonstrations are easy to follow and practiced until everyone “gets it right”. I know that our students and myself finished up with a valuable new skill set that hopefully we will never have to use in reality.
I would highly recommend Chae and Safe self defence to anyone considering learning these useful skills and very much look forward to having all of our future groups work with Chae.


I thoroughly enjoyed the self defence classes with Charlie and I know my students did too. This course was an absolute eye opener. As a tutor, it was important that my students receive the knowledge and skills to be able to keep safe in many of the situations they find themselves in as young people, and I am so happy we took part in it. Charlie knows how to keep the lessons fun with scenarios and demonstrations that leave you stunned. It is a great learning environment, and you can guarantee excitement as you learn something practical and useful. Charlie is very professional and knowledgeable, and you can see how passionate he is in his teaching. I believe this course is so effective, as it has taught me how to avoid potential attack, and trust my instincts. My students still talk about what they’ve learned, and we often practice it in class. If you are contemplating doing this course, believe me when I say you have to do it. You won't regret it. Everyone should have this knowledge.


Mangere Budgeting had a fantastic Self Defence Course with Charlie last week. Our team thoroughly enjoyed it and feel empowered to act should our personal safety be threatened. The session moved at a fast pace so everyone was kept interested, and it ended up as a teambuilding experience because everyone was working together and having great fun along the way! Thanks Charlie - you're a legend!

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